Saturday, September 29, 2012

the first spiderweb workshop & arts + crafts

i'm gonna be honest. we had a less than successful workshop today, for a number of reasons, nearly all out of our control. firstly, the rain seemed to squander the desire to attend the event for most of the folks who wanted to come originally. i don’t blame them, quite honestly, it was nice being able to hang out in my own house this rainy afternoon. some folks did come though, and we got a little work done. i personally succeeded in working on my mask for the salon, chatting about the story i will probably be reading, and writing some poems for matt, who will be making and illustrating a little zine for the next show! (also, happy birthday matt!)

it turns out there was also a TON of stuff going on in town today, including, but not limited to: the beast feast at the fairgrounds, octoberfest of fry street, and a house show at a place on hillcrest, which sounded kind of cool but i didn't have much info about.
our other major roadblock for the day: halfway through the afternoon i realized one of my beautiful kitties, cleo, had disappeared entirely. she had escaped my house! needless to say, i had to take a break from participating in the workshop to search the neighborhood, check the animal shelter, and sound a general alarm on facebook in hopes something would turn up. we ended very relieved after a relentless search party consisting of myself and some very dedicated friends found her cold and wet but safe earlier this evening. she got a bath and lots of food and love and she is napping happily in my bedroom as we speak.

(this picture is of my other kitty, dexter, who was very much present at the workshop today. he loves attention.)

however awkwardly we proceeded with the workshop today, we have hopes that it can be more successful in the future. the lack of rain and personal crises would certainly help. i think i have a pretty neat space that lends to creative endeavors and inspiration. i want to share my home and the passion i have for beautiful people, spiderweb salon, and artistic expression to better our community. 

and, you know, today wasn’t a total failure either. i got to spend time with some wonderful people, work on projects i may not have today, had i not been stimulated by the presence of other creative people, and it was really helpful to have such incredible support on-hand when i was terrified my beloved cat would be lost forever. in retrospect, it was a heartwarming day, and i hope we can do it again.

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