Saturday, December 8, 2012

what {we, bees} have been up to

COUNTDOWN! Only one week until Spiderweb Salon's Winter Solstice Celebration and we are busily preparing! This show will be featuring another awesome lineup of musicians, writers, and performers, not to mention TWICE as many visual artists than we've had at any of our shows yet! Awesome! There will be so much to see and hear and watch. We're hoping for one magical evening.

Even though we've been battling weeks of BEAUTIFUL weather here in Denton, Texas, we are aware that it is, after all, December, and next week the forecast looks a little colder than we've been used to. So we're preparing accordingly: Bluebear set up our two brand-new GIANT outdoor heaters- one a proud investment, and the other a generous donation -this morning, and barbarian put in a big order for hot spiced apple cider that we'll share with everyone that night! We still need to excavate the piles and piles of leaves at the venue, so, uh, let us know if you're free and good with a rake.

Today we took a shopping trip, acquiring some chairs we can call our own (FOUR! FOUR CHAIRS ARE NOW ACTUALLY OURS!) and some treats for the good boys and girls. We also got our hands on a huge piece of [kind of gross] plywood, that, after cleaning it up a little, we're converting into a big Spiderweb Salon sign, which is kind of exciting. We've been wanting some kind of backdrop behind the stage during shows, and this might be just the thing!

ALSO, we're super excited to be releasing the newest issue of the Spiderweb Zine at the show. The theme this time was "Island of Misfit Toys" based on the old stop-motion rudolph film, and about fifteen writers are featured inside. A lot of the poets and story-writers who contributed will be reading their pieces at the show, which is pretty awesome! We'll also have the physical zine available to folks, as long as they have donate at least the suggested $5 to the Salon before or during the show. Note: we couldn't have done this zine without the help of two very dedicated, very talented friends of ours, Bess and Matt. We're lucky to have such badass friends and we're definitely keeping them around!

Do you want to make sure you get a copy of the zine?! Donate at least $5 to Spiderweb via our paypal (on the left hand side of this blog!) and we'll have your name and hold a copy for you, to pick up at the show or otherwise!

What else have we been up to? Oh, just some fancy meetings and interviews! Nothing we can announce for sure yet, but we are happy to be networking with some great folks who see the potential in the Salon and our genuine excitement for our community and the arts. We're glad to have the opportunity to reach more people around town and spark the imaginations of folks everywhere! More to come from us for sure. Hopefully we'll see you at the show!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

november madness

We apologize if we've been distant this month, after the show we made up our minds to really buckle down on the personal goals we made for ourselves this month: if you remember, bluebear is writing an album, and barbarian has taken on a novel project. We still love you, though!

The last show was fantastic, it went off without a hitch (except perhaps that we ran a little late, but who can be mad at some extra creativity?) and we ended up with a lot of awesome new friends. So many exciting ideas and plans are in the making! It's thrilling to see so much support and encouragement for local writers, artists, and musicians (I know I, for one, really need it sometimes!). I'm so proud of everyone who has participated in our shows so far, and I can't wait to see what the future has in store!

I haven't gotten to the footage from the last show yet (NOVEL!) but I will very soon! We'll make a little video of the entire night and maybe post some specific sets, if the performers grant us permission to do so. It'll be awesome so stay tuned!!

The next Spiderweb Salon is scheduled to be December 15. It'll feature new faces and some of the usual crew (bluebear and I plan on tackling a couple pieces from our recent projects, wish us luck!) not to mention the release of a new edition of our ZINE!! Winter-style! We'll have heaters and hot cider, it won't be a show to miss. Can't wait to see you there, Denton!

Friday, November 9, 2012

workshops! shows!

WE HAVE A SHOW TOMORROW! There's so much to do but we still can't wait. This is going to be the longest and most diverse Spiderweb yet! AHHH!

I can't believe it's only been a week since we had our second workshop, which was a success! Over the course of the afternoon and evening, we had a great crew of different artists and writers. Some of us got more work done than others, but the air was continuously full of inspiring and thought-provoking conversation. We had a little bit of reflective collaboration and someone even got help on a homework assignment for school. New friends were made. Walker rehearsed to the group a charming parable he wrote about DJ CouchParty, the DJ who would never get better because his friends wouldn't tell him what he could do differently that would make them get off the couch and dance. The weather was incredible and the night ended in a joyfully off-task sing-along session accompanied by guitars and banjo.

The only real bummer was that the zine had to be canceled this month since there just wasn't enough material to include or enough time to complete it. I think everyone is too busy playing catch-up and sharpening their skills for the show! Next time, we'll start much earlier to get the zine done by the show. We plan to continue to host the open Spiderweb Workshop + Arts & Crafts in the future, hopefully once a month. {We, bees} feel that it is necessary for artists to have the important resource of community and opportunity to collaborate or share projects with each other on a smaller scale, as well as a venue to share their more polished undertakings and ideas. We hope more people will continue to take advantage of the time, creative space, and warm atmosphere we're providing at our workshops!

Besides hosting a show, we've made this month is a wild one for creativity. {We, bees) have undertaken some strenuous personal projects for November: bluebear set out to compose an entire album and I am writing a novel. Both of us look forward to showcasing portions of our efforts at the show tomorrow night. It is nerve-racking but exciting. We appreciate all the support the Salon inspires and look forward to enjoying all the other fantastic performances in store as well!

Monday, October 22, 2012

video + new show announcement!

WE ARE EXCITED FOR THE NEXT SHOW! We have received so many requests from people who want to participate it has been difficult to keep track of it all, but somehow we're managing! There's going to be a lot of new faces this time around. I am personally excited for all of the writers that will be reading their work. Don't get me wrong, musical performances are always fun, and I respect musicians and their talent incredibly! However, dealing with writers is so rewarding because many of them (like myself) have a desire to create but very few outlets to express themselves and share their work, especially in an attentive showcase setting. But here we are! And everyone gets a chance to express themselves and make friends and get feedback and support. It makes me happy. Every event we host gets just a little bit better, and I'm sure November will be no exception. The week prior to the show we'll be hosting a workshop, hopefully that will bring out some creative minds and help boost some motivation and excitement for everyone's projects!

Also, we put together a video from the last Spiderweb show, check it out.

{we, bees} look forward to what is in store for us in the future.

Monday, October 15, 2012

autumn masquerade success!

The Spiderweb show this last weekend may have been the best yet, despite glaring difficulties with the weather. In the days preceding the show we held our breath and watched the radar building up storm systems headed directly for north Texas. The forecast read that every day the week before the show and every day the week after were supposed to be just beautiful- Saturday was the only hiccup in the midst of perfect days. Our luck! We stressed and agonized over what to do and made the risky decision to continue the show as planned until the weather became so unkind that we could no longer do so. With the help of our kind sponsors (Linda and Brett), we built a crude shelter over the majority of the porch where we host the Salon, and weather-proofed the area the best we could. We were worried people would stay home and not come to the show. Happily, we were proven wrong. Not only did we have a fantastic turn-out, but the weather held off until just after the show wrapped up!

The evening was full of highlights. As it was a masquerade-themed event, we had a bunch of really great masks and facepaint creations! It was so cool so many people got into the spirit of things! There was something magical going on under the huge tarp we sent up. (It resembled a creepy circus tent.) It may have helped that we spent hours before the show decorating. Pumpkins, lights, and, appropriately, spiderwebs and little plastic spiders were draped over almost everything. Several artists displayed some very unique pieces that drew a lot of good attention and added to the overall atmosphere. We even had a really great little zine, designed and illustrated by a veteran spiderweb artist, including poetry from several others.

The words and music presented at this show came from all sides of the artistic spectrum. We were so fortunate to be able to experience both seasoned musicians trying new and exciting things and blossoming amateurs gathering their new-found courage and delivering powerfully. We heard readings that were funny, sad, thoughtful, heartwarming, eerie, and full of a commanding truth. The audience was constantly entranced. I, personally, wouldn't take back a single moment from the entire night.

The thing that continues to strike me when we put on these shows is how REAL it all is. It’s what we want, of course, but the heart that these artists are putting in to their work blows me away every time. {We, bees} began this project with one solid idea: we wanted to create an environment that is comfortable for everyone, a place where creativity can thrive and nervousness takes a backseat to the excitement one feels in sharing their art with people who are genuinely interested and open-minded. There will never be room for pretentious attitudes. We just want to bring people together and inspire our community. I think we are succeeding, and I’m not sure I have ever felt anything so rewarding.

Monday, October 8, 2012

a harvest of ideas

 {We, bees} spent the day preparing for next weekend. Because bluebear is a school bus driver, and had the day off for Columbus day, whatever that is, and barbarian was planning on taking the day off to adventure anyway, they had an incredibly productive and distraction-free day. We shopped and cleaned up for the next Spiderweb Salon show... maybe we spent way over our budget this time, but hopefully it will be worth it! The next salon will be slightly themed, a spooky, but more importantly, harvest celebration, to highlight and appreciate the harvest of ideas and friendship! As our space was completely covered in leaves, the afternoon was spent raking, sweeping, and cleaning. We also hung more lights in the trees, brainstormed masquerade prizes, birthed ideas for future shows, creativity, and fun, and prepared the electrical situation for the weekend, as that's always a little tight. We are so excited! The week before is always hectic, but completely worthwhile. We can't way to see everyone this weekend and harvest a bounty of inspiration to share with everyone. See you then!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

the first spiderweb workshop & arts + crafts

i'm gonna be honest. we had a less than successful workshop today, for a number of reasons, nearly all out of our control. firstly, the rain seemed to squander the desire to attend the event for most of the folks who wanted to come originally. i don’t blame them, quite honestly, it was nice being able to hang out in my own house this rainy afternoon. some folks did come though, and we got a little work done. i personally succeeded in working on my mask for the salon, chatting about the story i will probably be reading, and writing some poems for matt, who will be making and illustrating a little zine for the next show! (also, happy birthday matt!)

it turns out there was also a TON of stuff going on in town today, including, but not limited to: the beast feast at the fairgrounds, octoberfest of fry street, and a house show at a place on hillcrest, which sounded kind of cool but i didn't have much info about.
our other major roadblock for the day: halfway through the afternoon i realized one of my beautiful kitties, cleo, had disappeared entirely. she had escaped my house! needless to say, i had to take a break from participating in the workshop to search the neighborhood, check the animal shelter, and sound a general alarm on facebook in hopes something would turn up. we ended very relieved after a relentless search party consisting of myself and some very dedicated friends found her cold and wet but safe earlier this evening. she got a bath and lots of food and love and she is napping happily in my bedroom as we speak.

(this picture is of my other kitty, dexter, who was very much present at the workshop today. he loves attention.)

however awkwardly we proceeded with the workshop today, we have hopes that it can be more successful in the future. the lack of rain and personal crises would certainly help. i think i have a pretty neat space that lends to creative endeavors and inspiration. i want to share my home and the passion i have for beautiful people, spiderweb salon, and artistic expression to better our community. 

and, you know, today wasn’t a total failure either. i got to spend time with some wonderful people, work on projects i may not have today, had i not been stimulated by the presence of other creative people, and it was really helpful to have such incredible support on-hand when i was terrified my beloved cat would be lost forever. in retrospect, it was a heartwarming day, and i hope we can do it again.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

video montage for september salon

Though we were scantily organized and had some technical difficulties with our camera, we still managed to scrounge up some decent footage of the salon from last weekend. Check out this rad little montage featuring all the artists, poets, and musicians who participated. The song is "Bootstraps (Shit Happens)" by Forever & Everest. That's our friend Jacob rapping. He's a cool dude.

Monday, September 10, 2012

more spiderweb news

the show this weekend was wonderful! what a beautiful group of people. the salon is growing, which means more questions, which led us to do a little write-up for the curious or confused. Next show will be in a month. A masquerade!


• what is spiderweb salon?

spiderweb salon is a new creative community based out of denton, texas and you are invited to be a part. it is an opportunity open to all artists and musicians and performers: writers, singers, actors, poets, installation artists, songwriters, playwrights, film makers, painters, sculptors, brewmasters, comedians, culinary artists, photographers, etc.

spiderweb salon hosts an outdoor art show roughly once a month. however, spiderweb is not just about the show, but the time in-between, when we are thinking and singing and writing and creating and doing what we love and what we want to share with others while supporting and encouraging others to do the same.

• where did spiderweb salon come from?

spiderweb salon was established early in the summer of 2012, when the collaborative duo, {we, bees}, suddenly found themselves unemployed, creatively frustrated, and bored, with perhaps too much time on their hands. eager for something inspiring to do, and brimming with a great love for different artistic expressions, they came up with the idea to host an intimate and friendly art show that would encourage themselves and their friends to explore their talents and share their music, writing, and art with each other. the first show took place on june 23, 2012, and was christened the “testdrive session”, because everyone was still figuring out exactly what spiderweb was meant to be. since then the salon has grown, attracting new friends and evolving with every showcase. {we, bees} desires to continue to share their vision, focusing on the importance of endless creativity and self-expression and the invaluable benefits of art, honesty, love, and friendship.

• what is the salon like?

come to the next show and find out!

• is there a cover for the show?

there is a $5 suggested donation per guest. any money we receive goes straight to the cost of lights, chairs, cords, camera and camcorder gear, music equipment, bug spray, ice, art materials, and other miscellaneous costs we are faced with when preparing and putting on the salon shows. as the saying goes, every bit counts.

may i bring alcoholic beverages to the show?

you may. we ask that you keep it classy and please drink responsibly at the shows. we provide plastic cups and coolers with ice to stash drinks. we do not allow people to utilize the kitchen in the house as it is out of our domain, so plan accordingly if you need a bottle opener or wine key.

• can my band play at a spiderweb salon show?

that depends. we recommend that you first attend a show before requesting that your band play. recognize that the salon is not your average venue for shows. there are between 10-15 performances, and each is ideally 6 minutes long. the salon is for showcasing personal projects of individuals or small groups and ongoing collaborations between different artists. it’s a place to try new things. it’s not a bar or a house show or a party. it is an art show, and must be approached as such. if you have been to a show and you think your project may be a good fit and you can prepare to showcase your art (poetry, prose, music, comedy, drama, essay, or other performance art) in the allowed 6 minute time-slot, please contact spiderweb salon to let them know you are interested. see next FAQ for more details.

• who do i talk to if i would like to participate?

you can contact {we, bees} through spiderweb salon via facebook message (please p.m. instead of posting on the wall) or p.m. either courtney marie or conor wallace. however, there’s a good chance conor will just tell you to talk to courtney, as she handles most of the organizing and booking for the shows. you can also e-mail us at

when you message us, please include a brief description of what you would like to do for your performance, and if you can, include examples of your work, such as sample writings, blogs, pictures, or videos.

• who gets to perform?

at each salon, we want to give as many artists that we can the opportunity to participate. right now we are operating on a first-come-first-serve type basis. so far we have only had to turn down very last-minute requests to perform.

the salon is quickly growing and we anticipate that we may not always have room for everyone, but we will work with artists looking for an outlet and if we cannot get you on the current bill, we will give you precedence for the next show.

• what do i do after i have received confirmation that i have a time-slot at the next salon show?

plan and practice your set! each set is to be six minutes maximum. as soon as you can, message or e-mail spiderweb the specifics of you performance. we produce a program for each show that will include your name and the title(s) or nature of your piece(s) / song(s) / act. it is best if you let us know at least a week before the day of the show so we can organize the event.

let us know if there is any extra equipment you need or will be bringing. we provide a PA, at least one amp, and at least two mics.

we will make a private facebook event for the performers. here you can meet each other and communicate any questions or concerns to the group in the weeks before the show. if you do not have facebook, we will communicate with you via email or text to keep you in the loop.

feel free to let your friends know about the show. make sure the people you invite are aware that it is an art show, not a house party. we expect the audience to be as much a part of the evening as you are. we seek to attract an audience of fellow artists, critics, appreciators, and dreamers, and we would love for you to help us cultivate that atmosphere!

one of your jobs is to be a good example. please show up no later than 8 p.m. the show starts at 9. kindly be respectful and stay the duration of the show to support your fellow artists. encourage your friends to do so as well.

if you are bringing extra equipment or gear, please let us know, and be prepared to come early to help set-up. there is minimal space on the stage, so please understand if we ask you to consolidate. if you would like to come early and help us set up the yard before people begin arriving, we welcome that also!

• what’s the point?

we want to branch out to other artists and art appreciators (who are also artists). we want to make new friends and bring artists together in a friendly and open environment. the show is meant to encourage collaboration and creative cross pollination and help denton build a strong, supportive, inclusive artistic community. we want the show to inspire artists to inspire each other.

the point is to have fun, learn from each other, share, and experience new ideas. this is not about being perfect at what you do, not by a long shot. there is no room for show-boating or pretentious attitudes. we value people over things and new ideas over old conventions.

• who is {we, bees}?

any creative collaboration between artists conor wallace and courtney marie. they are the creators of spiderweb salon, and under their guidance and direction future shows are made possible. they support you!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

spiderweb salon #2

playing catch-up. we, bees hosted another salon just this weekend, which i haven't had time to compile footage for a video of it yet, but here's the montage from the salon in july, which was a success. spiderweb is really taking off.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Oh, hello there. We're hosting another event.

The road trip was awesome. We climbed to the top of the world (see video).

Friday, July 13, 2012

a long drive

we, bees, are going on an adventure tomorrow. we'll be hitting the open road in the wee hours of the morning, and we won't be back until we feel like it. if we have internet service, we'll keep this blog up-to-date, if not, oh well, we haven't even really launched or publicized this blog yet so it's not like anyone is paying attention. perhaps it's time to do so?

i, for one, am setting some personal creative goals for the trip. i am bringing a ton of books i don't really expect to read, it just comforts me to know i have them if i need them. i do plan on re-reading The Fig Tree, one of my favorite books of all time, and [at least] beginning a dramatic adaptation of it. i also expect to finish Nightwood, probably in the car tomorrow, which has been a rather painful, though rewarding read for me so far. i am bringing a sketchbook and colored pencils and charcoal and pastels, and i hope to get some time to sketch up in the mountains. with luck i will be purchasing a nicer digital camera from my mother at some point and will use it to document our trip. we're bringing a guitar and a banjo, so we have no excuse not to write a few songs together up at the cabin. i will also be using my computer to work on lyrics/melody for a polka tune by Forever & Everest so i can record as soon as we return. those men are music making machines. and we will probably definitely be doing some brainstorming and planning for the next Spiderweb Salon, which will be happening sometime mid-august [stay tuned for details]. all this plus a visit to my folks, camping, cabin labor, and sightseeing.

BONUS: temperatures for a majority of the trip will be about 20-40 degrees cooler than back home. i'm so ready to get the fuck out of dodge. catch you on the flip side.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

spiderweb salon #2

last weekend we hosted the second salon session and it was quite a success! we panicked just a little bit as the show got closer and a few people had to cancel on us, but it turned out great nevertheless. this session featured more awesome music from talented local folks, as well as a variety of readings, stand-up comedy, and a bottle of jameson that danced among the audience. we also had a small photography gallery and a large community painting that was completed over the duration of the evening. for more pics, check out this page. we'll try and get a video up soon! feel free to contact us for more information about the salon, and especially let us know if you are interested in participating. thanks!

Friday, June 29, 2012

we, bees.

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."

- Anais Nin

the summer of the spiderweb

we did it! officially launched our new vision for a local creative community, called Spiderweb Salon. we are trying to get as many people in town as we can on board with the project, since it is all about sharing ideas, meeting new creative people, and gaining new artistic experience and perspective. I AM REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS THING. bluebear is too, i think. we're having a lot of fun so far rallying people to participate and making the space for our shows look awesome. during our testdrive session, i took a lot of photos (with some help!) and bluebear shot some video. yesterday i combined the two and made this groovy, though rather raw, little video for the show. check it out.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

book excerpt #1

think tall like trees, harvest thoughts like bees.

buzz in harmony, build in honeycomb symmetry.

be born from alchemy.

mix potions in shaking hands

while feet and legs learn the ancient dance.

wild winds take the chance.

the moon makes phases. phrases

form that only our tongues know,

plucked from the pollen of secret flower pots.

we grow and grow.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

we don't want to miss a thing

we take turns taping back each other's eyelids

we fight to live, as furious as wounded wasps

swallowing unnamed antidotes
the cure for boredom
respite from the normal life

watch me
saving you
watching you
saving me.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Where we go.

We go here. struggle for it.

 i like my i's to have dots. i would like to have more then i've got.

this is a shot in the dark. between the legs. this is half my mind. this is me for a moment.

I hope you have enjoyed it.

Soft and compliant.


my great-grandfather sits beside a frozen lake, looking in. around him winter blooms. he cuts a deck of cards on his knees. deals one hand for the ice, one hand for the sky. he eyes his own cards carefully, and constructs a birdhouse from the rest. the sky wins a hand. the ice folds. the birds make a nest in their new home and they lay some eggs. my great-grandfather is tired and has nowhere to sleep but underneath the sky. i whisper a story in his ear about little men who live in the clouds throwing buckets of snow. i tell him about how my cats watch birds at the feeder through the window of my house. i talk a lot of nonsense. we watch the birds and i name them after my parents. it is too bad my great-grandfather is deaf, because i think he would like my stories.

testing. testing.

testing. 1. 2. 3.