Monday, October 8, 2012

a harvest of ideas

 {We, bees} spent the day preparing for next weekend. Because bluebear is a school bus driver, and had the day off for Columbus day, whatever that is, and barbarian was planning on taking the day off to adventure anyway, they had an incredibly productive and distraction-free day. We shopped and cleaned up for the next Spiderweb Salon show... maybe we spent way over our budget this time, but hopefully it will be worth it! The next salon will be slightly themed, a spooky, but more importantly, harvest celebration, to highlight and appreciate the harvest of ideas and friendship! As our space was completely covered in leaves, the afternoon was spent raking, sweeping, and cleaning. We also hung more lights in the trees, brainstormed masquerade prizes, birthed ideas for future shows, creativity, and fun, and prepared the electrical situation for the weekend, as that's always a little tight. We are so excited! The week before is always hectic, but completely worthwhile. We can't way to see everyone this weekend and harvest a bounty of inspiration to share with everyone. See you then!

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