Saturday, December 8, 2012

what {we, bees} have been up to

COUNTDOWN! Only one week until Spiderweb Salon's Winter Solstice Celebration and we are busily preparing! This show will be featuring another awesome lineup of musicians, writers, and performers, not to mention TWICE as many visual artists than we've had at any of our shows yet! Awesome! There will be so much to see and hear and watch. We're hoping for one magical evening.

Even though we've been battling weeks of BEAUTIFUL weather here in Denton, Texas, we are aware that it is, after all, December, and next week the forecast looks a little colder than we've been used to. So we're preparing accordingly: Bluebear set up our two brand-new GIANT outdoor heaters- one a proud investment, and the other a generous donation -this morning, and barbarian put in a big order for hot spiced apple cider that we'll share with everyone that night! We still need to excavate the piles and piles of leaves at the venue, so, uh, let us know if you're free and good with a rake.

Today we took a shopping trip, acquiring some chairs we can call our own (FOUR! FOUR CHAIRS ARE NOW ACTUALLY OURS!) and some treats for the good boys and girls. We also got our hands on a huge piece of [kind of gross] plywood, that, after cleaning it up a little, we're converting into a big Spiderweb Salon sign, which is kind of exciting. We've been wanting some kind of backdrop behind the stage during shows, and this might be just the thing!

ALSO, we're super excited to be releasing the newest issue of the Spiderweb Zine at the show. The theme this time was "Island of Misfit Toys" based on the old stop-motion rudolph film, and about fifteen writers are featured inside. A lot of the poets and story-writers who contributed will be reading their pieces at the show, which is pretty awesome! We'll also have the physical zine available to folks, as long as they have donate at least the suggested $5 to the Salon before or during the show. Note: we couldn't have done this zine without the help of two very dedicated, very talented friends of ours, Bess and Matt. We're lucky to have such badass friends and we're definitely keeping them around!

Do you want to make sure you get a copy of the zine?! Donate at least $5 to Spiderweb via our paypal (on the left hand side of this blog!) and we'll have your name and hold a copy for you, to pick up at the show or otherwise!

What else have we been up to? Oh, just some fancy meetings and interviews! Nothing we can announce for sure yet, but we are happy to be networking with some great folks who see the potential in the Salon and our genuine excitement for our community and the arts. We're glad to have the opportunity to reach more people around town and spark the imaginations of folks everywhere! More to come from us for sure. Hopefully we'll see you at the show!

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