Sunday, November 25, 2012

november madness

We apologize if we've been distant this month, after the show we made up our minds to really buckle down on the personal goals we made for ourselves this month: if you remember, bluebear is writing an album, and barbarian has taken on a novel project. We still love you, though!

The last show was fantastic, it went off without a hitch (except perhaps that we ran a little late, but who can be mad at some extra creativity?) and we ended up with a lot of awesome new friends. So many exciting ideas and plans are in the making! It's thrilling to see so much support and encouragement for local writers, artists, and musicians (I know I, for one, really need it sometimes!). I'm so proud of everyone who has participated in our shows so far, and I can't wait to see what the future has in store!

I haven't gotten to the footage from the last show yet (NOVEL!) but I will very soon! We'll make a little video of the entire night and maybe post some specific sets, if the performers grant us permission to do so. It'll be awesome so stay tuned!!

The next Spiderweb Salon is scheduled to be December 15. It'll feature new faces and some of the usual crew (bluebear and I plan on tackling a couple pieces from our recent projects, wish us luck!) not to mention the release of a new edition of our ZINE!! Winter-style! We'll have heaters and hot cider, it won't be a show to miss. Can't wait to see you there, Denton!

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